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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Music by: ALICE.

Music by Alice
Photo Alice
ALICE: Was a talented young girl/young lady.
ALICE: Had just started publishing her music on YouTube!
Eventually someone would have spotted her potential, in a studio environment!
She was a confident, capable singer, with a clear vocal oration!
In a studio environment, with the right backing track & edit facilities: ALICE’s true potential would have Shon through! Without doubt!
The video you are about to view:  Shows ALICE’s capability and potential: preformed without any Vocal or Music, equalising facilities available!
The song: Written and sung by ALICE. The music: composed by ALICE.

Alice Gross original composition - 'Don't Let It Go Away'

ALICE: Loved and Lived - MUSIC!  
ALICE: Was working toward forging herself a career in music!

That chance has been taken from her!