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Saturday, 4 October 2014


The history behind ALICE's tragic departure from this world.
On August 28th 2014, at 1pm ALICE Gross a 14yo anorexia sufferer. Decided to go for a walk, in the Hanwell area, London UK.
ALICE texted her dad at about 3pm, to ask him if he would be home when she got back, as she forgotten her house key. She also said she would return home at 6pm.
At about 5pm, ALICE’s phone went dead… It was not connected to the network, and if you called her, it went straight to her voicemail.
ALICE failed to return home at 6pm. This concerned her parents as normally ALICE returned home on time.
ALICE was a very talented young girl an aspiring musician and competed in singing competitions. ALICE also wrote her own songs!
ALICE’s family contacted the police. The police were concerned, as ALICE had recently been diagnosed with anorexia, and they thought she may have had a crisis and run away. Police wanted to know where her white iPhone 4s was, as it could have held crucial evidence.
Police found the last CCTV footage of ALICE crossing Brentford lock on the Grand Union Canal. The footage captured ALICE at 4.26pm, 34 minutes before her phone went dead.
Some builders found ALICE’s rucksack a few days after she went missing. They had a look in the bag and found items including the remains of her lunch, her Vans shoes which she was wearing, and some underwear. They said they could not see her iPhone.  Two witnesses also came forward to say they saw ALICE’s bag at about 8.30pm on August 28th.
Police made an appeal for ALICE’s iPhone, which they said could hold crucial information.
Posters and yellow ribbons were put up all over Ealing.
Early in mid: September. Police started searching the river Brent, near where ALICE’s  rucksack was found.
On the night of September 30th 2014, police found a body in the River Brent, yards from where ALICE’s bag was found. The body had not yet been formally identified as ALICE.
On October 1st 2014, police said that the body was that of ALICE.

ALICE: had been murdered.