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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"ALICE" Tribute Publication!

“Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund”

Alice Poppy Madeline Gross


“Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund” and the: NationalFoundation for Youth Music

ALICE Gross: Radio. on Facebook.

So let ALICE help Musically Talented youth, by donating to her Memorial Fund.

"Alice's Youth Music Memorial Fund"

Daughters are a source of immeasurable joy for her parents. Long before a daughter is born, she is deeply loved. Daughters are often a mother's best friend, her ally, and her most precious treasure. For a father, a daughter is often the apple of his eye, his princess. It is no surprise then, that a parent's love for a daughter is so intense and selfless. For this reason, the loss of a daughter can bring on a range of difficult emotions including numbness, guilt, anger, emptiness, disbelief and deep-deep sadness; that is impossible to express!

Just before the day Alice went missing, Alice was seen walking in the park, holding hands with her mummy. Although Alice was 14, she still called her mother Mummy. Such love!